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Anas L
Anas L
Sangat membantu bagi para pelajar yang ingin melanjutkan study ke aussie dan tentunya cara mendapatkan visa student
Putu Troy
Putu T.
sangat membantu saya dalam mengurus visa thank you one education terima kasih mbak intan sebagai cosultan saya
Terima kasih bantuannya education one..Bukan hanya sekedar membantu tapi sangat sangat membantu.trust me kalian harus mencobanyaRecommend banget
kartika cahya
kartika C.
Education one is the best agent ever, very friendly service and has very many connections in Australia. A lttle story about my experience of having been refused a visa in October 2018, and education one very trying to help my visa process back and finally in July 2019 I managed to get my visa. Thankyou education one and especially thankyou kak desti.
Annissa Wulandary
Annissa W.
First time I have been here to collect informatiins about studying in Australia. Very friendly and patient in serving and guiding me as future student in Australia. Looking forward to having enrollment here.Thank you
Amanda Tasya Putri Nugraha
Amanda Tasya Putri N.
Fast response and good service with nice follow through. Definitely considering using their services :)
admin secretary
admin S.
Thank you education one Indo for the cooperation. The best information I got about hospitality course in Australia :)
Alfi Ginardi
Alfi G.
Very friendly and providing great services and give details explanations
Olivia Tanamal
Olivia T.
Very friendly, nice, and detail information I got from Rizky. Insightful and help me a lot! Thanks Education ONE ?
Ardy Setiawan
Ardy S.
thanks to Rizky for give me clear information about Onederland services and approximate cost
Regal Mar'ie
Regal M.
Just got my second Visa granted today, really happy with all the Agents that helped me get through it. Thanks EducationONE!
Gus Plan
Gus P.
Thanks to Yola for explaining to me about everything that I needed to know.
Donny Mahendra
Donny M.
very helpful information, and thanks to Intan for serving well and quickly.. good job ??
Andre Lalujan
Andre L.
Very helpfull and profesional, have used their services twice for my visitor visa application, only have to prepare the required documents, and everything else is taken care of. This time with ka rizky, friendly and informative agent.
Erwin Sunn
Erwin S.
Thank you Onederland for helping me to get visa. Very fast respond and very helpful informations. Also thanks to Mrs Intan and all the teams who are polite to give all the document requirements. Still couldn't believe I got my visa one week after medical checkup. Was really a fast performance by Onederland. Great Job and always be successful agent in bali.
Vyorien Grisvianthio
Vyorien G.
Big thanks to EducationONE, especially to Ms. Elisabeth and Ms. Kiki! Both of them were super friendly and helpful. Fast response, informative, very recommended :D
Komang PingPing
Komang P.
Fast respon and fast working, best consultancy service in Bali for studying in Australia??
Education one provide accurate information about studying abroad and the staff are highly trained and professional so study process to Australia is easy to understand
Joely Gloriana
Joely G.
education ONE is the best educational agent we've ever met. Visa for student is one thing but visa for guardian, which other educational consultants says is impossible, has become possible with them. Even our visas were granted only in one week! Many thanks to Ms. Yola for the step by step procedures, making sure the completion of all documents, and her handiness on doing her jobs. All the best for education ONE!
Ki Praptuwo Prajurit
Ki Praptuwo P.
Kerja kita prestasi bangsa
Putu Pamela Rahayu
Putu Pamela R.
I am sooo glad tmy visa has been granted. It is sooo wonderful.. onederland is very amazing in doing their job..it is fully recommended for those who struggle in getting their visa granted. Thank u so much for indah melindasari..biarnka..ina onderland and the team.. u guys are soo cool.. blessed for the team..?????
Vurugasu Bevins
Vurugasu B.
Terimakasih feedback dari pertanyaan nya.
Rizqa Aufa Fauzhia
Rizqa Aufa F.
education ONE is a consulting agency capable of providing solutions and directing for those of us who are still confused about learning abroad. education one can mebimbing until we know and directed
Maria Sembiring
Maria S.
Thankyou Education One, My Best Friend to Guide. I hope I can win and success to get study and work and live in Australia. yeachh !!
yeni diah
yeni D.
Thank You Education One, especially to Mba Elizabeth. Great services to help processing your visa. Very recomended... ???
Bintang S Irwan
Bintang S I.
i was in lurch when try to decide what to do next to pursue my further study. after looking couple of education agencies, I choose education ONE based on reviews and recommendations. get in touch with them is easy, direct message them, and they will be with you in no time. at this point I was introduced with wulan as an agent from bali, and consultant agent indah based in Australia. they guided me step by step, went through paper by paper so that I could have a better understanding what to expect when it comes to study in Perth, Australia. believe me, it's lengthly process to get visa, and study application. this is where education ONE comes in, gives us space to do other things while the application is being processed, I LOVED IT!!!. now, both student and visa application has been approved, let's go on board to brighter future.most definitely, use their service again for my future application.thank you education ONE.
Dewi Kencana
Dewi K.
della pratiwi
della P.
Thank you Education one to helping me with my student visa, especially Elizabeth (very friendly person). Very recommended!!!
Lia Susanti Quintanilla
Lia Susanti Q.
First time using their service in 2009 and again for my sister in 2015 and 2018. They are very helpful, responsive to all your queries and do their best to accommodate your need. Big shoutout especially for Desti who has been such a big help in helping my sister’s application this year and of course the lovely mbak Indah.. definitely recommended them to anyone who needs help with their Visa application process! Thank you OneDerland team. L - Australia �
arnoldus reza
arnoldus R.
Thank you Education One (Ms Wulan & Ms Gita) for help me to get student visa and enroll in university in Australia.I recomended for another student who want to study in Australia, use Education One to assist you to get student visa or enroll in uni. Bc from my experience Education One very helpful and explain very detail about the visa requirements. ??
Khaerul Mizan
Khaerul M.
The best of the best
Daeng Ngila
Daeng N.
Dewa Ardiana
Dewa A.
Kiki Darmadi
Kiki D.
educationONE sangat bermanfaat dan memberikan inspirasi untuk tidak takut berkarir di luar negeri
Agung Imam Shuhada
Agung Imam S.
Semoga bisa berkarier di Australia. Goodjob Education One
Syarif Nouvel Alqadrie
Syarif Nouvel A.
Lau Justin Andrian
Lau Justin A.
sangat membantu sekali karena agennya sangat professional sekali, responnya juga sangat dapat diandalkan ketika kita sedang mempunyai pertanyaan yang sangat penting dan juga terburu-buru...POKOKNYA JOSSS LAH (Y)
Sil Pricilla
Sil P.
Terima kasih education one. Informasi disini sangat penting untuk saya yang ingin bekerja diAustralia.
Albert Budiman
Albert B.
Tan Jung An
Tan Jung A.
Bagi saya yang persyaratan umum untuk bisa mendapatkan visa yang rasanya masih kurang, tapi dengan educational One saya merasa sangat terbantu dengan informasi yang diberikan , thanks buat Indah
Aphin Shen
Aphin S.
Terimakasih education one Telah memberikan saya jawaban atas pertanyaan sayaItu sangat membantu sekali..
Jerry Wedangga
Jerry W.
the best place to make bright future working in Australia
Wartono Jawali
Wartono J.
Panji Jaya Giri
Panji Jaya G.
Anton Dolin II
Anton Dolin I.
I got much information from here about australia and really help me. 👍👍
Citra Firanty
Citra F.
Joni Setia Darma
Joni Setia D.
Puji Cahwestprog
Puji C.
Haqiky Romanz
Haqiky R.
Excellent,good information consult to job worker and studying Australia😀
Febri Kendrick
Febri K.
Hope i can study work in Australia. It is my dream
Rendy Dharmawan
Rendy D.
Firmansyah Anggi
Firmansyah A.
Itto Sabha
Itto S.
Cara Mudah untuk kuliah atau bekerja di Australia ikuti syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku dan ini sangat membantu.
Superheru Corner
Superheru C.
Dwi Syipitt
Dwi S.
This is a good place to everyone who looking information about how to work or study in aussie..verry good place to consulting and asking many important question you need
Rizka Fitri Hayaza
Rizka Fitri H.
Adi Suardana
Adi S.
Arif Muhamad Yusuf
Arif Muhamad Y.
Sangat membantu terutama untuk yang berminat bekerja di luar negri. Stafnya informatif dan jelas dalam memberikan informasi.
Aisyh Andini
Aisyh A.
Edication ONE sangat membantu untuk keperluan pendidikan ke australia
Nineson Setiawan Aritonang
Nineson Setiawan A.
Bagus Pamuji
Bagus P.
The best education study and work on australia for you
Bell Jiro
Bell J.
Henry Lionez Zed
Henry Lionez Z.
Banyak memberikan pengetahuan tentang proses bagaimanana bekerja ke australia.
Kadek Oktam Mooi
Kadek Oktam M.
Bagi yang mau kuliah atau kerja ke australia........
Frandika Jaya Permana
Frandika Jaya P.
Cek Dori Cakra
Cek Dori C.
sangat membantu. terimakasih.
Johan Amanudin
Johan A.
the best place to you if you want to get best educations and experience about get a job or want to study in australia. Very helpfull and thanks for helping me so far :D
Santiago Part II
Santiago Part I.
Gus Banjar
Gus B.
sangat membantu dalam hal penghubung antara indonesia dengan australia dalam bidang ketenagakerjaan
Robin Yiedri
Robin Y.
Imam Sudibyo
Imam S.
Beni Lesmana
Beni L.
Margareta Tri Wahyuningsih
Margareta Tri W.
Semoga jadi jembatan sukses bagi anak2 indonesia dalam bidang studi jg karir
Octho Eedwardo
Octho E.
Hario Hutama
Hario H.
Arafat Sutan
Arafat S.
Lintang Dwi Cahyo
Lintang Dwi C.
the best education consulting in Indonesia!! :) especially for you who want to study in Australia, feel free to ask them for more information :D
Education One terbaik dibidangnya
Faridz Mauluddin
Faridz M.
Stafnya informatif dalam memberikan keterangan dan punya koneksi langsung dengan migration agent di oz.
Ermanto Purnawan
Ermanto P.
Sinung Bin Wahono
Sinung Bin W.
Ade Ahmad Al Zubair
Ade Ahmad Al Z.
ONEderland Consulting is like.
Ryan To
Ryan T.
Anggri Zulmi
Anggri Z.
Ida Arya Danadyaksa
Ida Arya D.
Ferry Irawan
Ferry I.
Mungkin ini jalan menuju kesuksesan
Raden Pemanahan
Raden P.
Very responsive and professional , see you in australia...
Wandra Ade Saputra
Wandra Ade S.
Sangat membantu bagi kami yang ingin belajar atau bekerja di australia. agent yang sangat terpercaya, kalo ngomongin australia ONEderland solusinya
Maria Punia Sianturi
Maria Punia S.
Education One sangat profesional dan membantu saya.
Khasan Anshori
Khasan A.
Ssangat bagus dan membantu sekali.thank U
Shofia Watubun
Shofia W.
Sartono Surodikromo
Sartono S.
Education One sangat berpengalaman dan profesional. Memiliki staf yang teliti,sabar dan ramah sehingga kita bisa menanyakan banyak hal mengenai pendidikan ke australia. Sebelumnya saya sudah konsultasi ke agen yang lain tapi setelah saya menemukan Education One dan saya merasa cocok karena menurut saya sangat berpengalaman dan saya sekarang visa pelajar saya sudah di approve untuk belajar di TAFE Western Australia. Saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada Education One.
Risty Sabbry
Risty S.
Very fast respond with super friendly counselor and all the information given is so helpful!
Azinh Kancil
Azinh K.
Nala Pratista
Nala P.
Ogix Antara
Ogix A.
Rama Kusuma
Rama K.
Agen konsultan pendidikan Australia yang baik. Banyak membantu untuk program kuliah di australia dan belajar di australia
Junia Adix
Junia A.
Eka Darmika
Eka D.
Agung Adi
Agung A.
Best Migration Agent
Yuliia Ajaa
Yuliia A.




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Kami dapat melakukan pengurusan visa dan aplikasi studi kalian tanpa kalian harus meninggalkan rumah dan bertemu kami langsung. Kenapa? Karena saat ini sebagain besar negara sudah menerapkan 100% aplikasi online.


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